Unit 3: Systems

Entire Unit 3 Collection

Lesson 1: Intro to Systems

Crossing Planes – TEKS A.5(C), A.3(F)

Lesson 2: Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines – TEKS A.3(C), A.2(E)

Lesson 3: Perpendicular Lines

Perpendicular Lines – TEKS A.3(C), A.2(F)

Lesson 4: Solving Systems By Graphing

Mario v. Sonic: Solving Systems By Graphing – TEKS A.3(C), A.2(F)

Lesson 5: Solving Systems By Substitution

Solving Systems By Substitution – TEKS A.3(C), A.2(F)

Lesson 6: Solving Systems By Elimination

Solving Systems By Elimination (by Desmos) – TEKS A.3(C), A.2(F)

Lesson 7: Graphing Inequalities

Where are the Stars?: Graphing Inequalities – TEKS A.3(D)

Lesson 8: Graphing Systems of Inequalities

Graphing Systems of Inequalities – TEKS A.3(D), A.5(C), A.3(H)